Information about the object

Address: Russia, Tula region, Tula, a quarter within the borders of Pushkinskaya Str. F. Engels St. Gogolevskaya St. and Lenin Avenue

Indicators: S ter. PPT = 3,35 hectare

S projected plots = 0,68 hectare

Residential building on the Pushkinskaya St.: S build. = 1 863,9 m2, S total. = 7 942,9 m2

Residential building on the corner Gogolevskaya St. and the F. Engels St.: S build. = 819,9 m2, S total. = 2742,4 m2

Reconstruction of the existing administrative building for an apartment building in Pushkinsky pr .: S build. = 1 012,3 m2, S total. = 4 174,9 m2

Degree of participation (sections): all sections

Object phase: PPT per quarter, Project for Railways