Residential buildings

Multistone residential complex with two-storage underground parking

Russia, Moscow, Ivanovskaya St.

Administrative - residential complex

Russia, Kaluga, Stepan Razin St./ Tulskaya St.

Multi-storey single-storey residential building with two-level underground parking

Russia, Kaluga, intersection of Pervomaiskaya St. and Vilonova St.

Multi-bedroom apartment house with two-level underground parking

Russia, Kaluga, Voskresensky Lane

Multi storey residential house with built-in maternity premises

Russia, Kaluga, Lunacharskogo St. /Dekabristov St.

Residential area in Kaluga

Russia, Kaluga

Residential quarter

Russia, Tula, a quarter within the borders of Pushkinskaya St., F. Engels St., Gogolevskaya St. and Lenin Square

Multi storage three-session residential houses

Russia, Kaluga, Trudovoi village, Guryanova St.

Multi-quarter multistage housing house

Russia, Kaluga, Guryanova St.

Multi-quarter 9-thoor storey residential houses with built-in connected premises

Russia, Kaluga, Trudovoi village, Guryanova Str.

Concept of integrated development - Moscow region

Russia, Moscow region, Fryazino

Housing complex Ilyinsky

Russia, Leninsky district, Tula region

Residential house with integrated private public apartments

Russia, Kaluga, Kibalchicha St.

Blocked two-storey residential house for 4 families

Russia, Kaluga region, Peremyshl'sky district

Three-storey multi-bedroom apartment house

Russia, Kaluga

Individual residential house with aparts

Russia, Moscow, Mytishchi district, Vitenevo village

Maloetazhny residential house

Russia, Tula, Dubenskaya St.

Offer for the development of the quarter

Russia, Kaluga, intersection Moscowskaya St. and Ogareva St.


Russia, Moscow region

Individual residential house

Russia, Tula, settlement Basova-Prudny, Raduzhnaya St.

Individual residential house with household buildings

Russia, Tula region, Alexinsky district

Individual residential house

Russia, Tula region, Zaoksky village, Sadovaya St.

Residential house with underground parking

Russia, Kaluga, intersection M. Gorkogo St. and the lane of F. Engels.

Individual housing house

Russia, Tula region, Zaoksky district, "Captain-Land" village

Individual housing house

Russia, Moscow region, Pushchino, Parkovaya St.

Multi-quarter residential houses

Russia, Shchekino, Yasenkovsky pr-d

Individual residential house with household buildings

Russia, Tula region, Harino village

Multi-quarter residential houses

Russia, Tula region, Schekinsky district, r.p. Pervomaysky, Ulitin Avenue

Multi-quarter residential house

Russia, Kaluga, Plekhanova St.

Multi storey residential house

Russia, Kaluga, Michurina St., 6

Residential quarter

Russia, Moscow region, Fryazino

Living house with underground parking

Russia, Kaluga, Vishnevskogo St.

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The company "StroyProektKonsalting" performs complex design of neighborhoods with multi-apartment houses, the development of projects for planning the territory, individual housing construction, as well as offers ready-made residential projects.

According to our projects, objects have been realized in many cities of Russia.

We are ready to offer you a flexible approach to the design and construction process, help in making the most rational technical decisions that will enable you to realize the customer's wishes in a short time and with the economic feasibility of the project.

Other objects of the section "Residential Buildings"

1. Multi-storey 2-section apartment house (Tula, Mikheyev St.)

2. Reconstruction of a residential building by building 4 floors (Kaluga, st. Transitional 3)

3. Individual house of frame-panel type for one family. Typical project

4. Individual residential house (Tula region, Uzlovsky district)