Architectural and construction design

The main activity of the company is architectural and construction design.

LLC «StroyProektKonsalting» is capable of maximum efficiency, high quality, in the shortest possible time to carry out design work of any complexity. Our company performs all types of architectural and construction sections — both for newly constructed and reconstructed buildings and structures.

Our specialists have great experience in designing, building and reconstruction of residential, industrial, social, commercial and commercial facilities

The project documentation is developed for the following stages:

The pre-project proposal is the primary set of documents necessary for passage of regulations in the relevant region and obtaining the initial authorization documentation. In addition, materials are needed to evaluate the project and to formulate precise requirements for further design.
At this stage, the design, landing, layout, number of storeys, material, technical equipment, and the external architectural appearance of the building are determined.

The sections of the project stage of the «Project documentation» for capital construction projects for production and non-production purposes are executed in the form of text and graphic parts for each section of the project in the required volume, in accordance with the Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 87 dated 16.02.2008.

Stage «Working documentation» is carried out for all sections of the project and is necessary directly for the production of construction and installation works. The materials of this stage are presented in a much more detailed version.