Public buildings







Adjustment of the building of the GSC "Vysotny"

Russia, Moscow, Central Administrative District, Maly Konyushkovsky per.

Trading and entertainment center

Russia, Kaluga region, Zhukovsky district, Moscow region "Zhukovsky district", 105 km a/d "Moscow-Ukraine"

Trading and entertainment center

Russia, Moscow region, Sherbinka

Trade center

Russia, Kaluga, Proletarskaya St.

Multilevel garage complex

Russia, Moscow, pos. Vnukovo, Rasskazovka village

Kindergarten for 330 persons

Russia, Moscow region, Luberetskiy district

Average general education for 825 persons

Russia, Moscow region, Luberetskiy district

Complex of office buildings

Russia, Tula, Proletarian district, st. Karakozova / Marata

Administrative building

Russia, Obninsk, Krasnyh Zor St.

Building of the trading center "LEROU MERLEN"

Russia, Petrozavodsk, Lesnoy Avenue/Universitetskaya St.

“RIO” entertainment and entertainment complex

Russia, Arkhangelsk, proezd Badigina

Trade and entertainment center "RIO"

Russia, Tula, Proletarskaya St.

Trading and entertainment center "RIO"

Russia, Orel, ul. Moscow Highway

Multifunctional retail and entertainment complex "RIO"

Russia, Tambov, Sovetskaya St.

Reconstruction of the building under the multifunctional complex "RIO"

Russia, Saransk, Sovetskaya St.

"XXI CENTURY" trade and entertainment complex

Russia, Kaluga

Outside pedestrial transition in TIC "GAGARINSKY"

Russia, Moscow, Vavilova St.

Office building

Russia, Kaluga, Tsiolkovsky St., 4

Trade-office building

Russia, Tula region, Leninsky district, Petrovsky village, Odoyevskoe shosse St.

Trading center

Russia, Shchekino

Trade center

Russia, Schekinsky district, MO in Shchekino, Lukashina St.

Complex of office buildings

Russia, Moscow

Community-trade center "UTYUG"

Russia, Tula, F. Engels St. / Demonstration St.

Automotive center "GAZ"

Russia, Tula, Pavshinsky Bridge St.

Universal shop

Russia, Tula, Komsomolskaya St.

Bathroom-restaurant complex

Russia, Venev, Karl Marks St., 83

Supermarket "LAKMIN" CASH & CARRY

Russia, Tula, Galkina St.

Accessories to the trading center "LAKMIN" CASH & CARRY

Russia, Tula, Galkina St.

Multifunctional trade and entertaining center

Russia, Tula, Kaluzhskoye Highway

Administrative building with the built-in auto parking

Russia, Kaluga, Tsiolkovsky st.

Center for rehabilitation and psychological aid to people who losted work

Russia, Tula, Maurice Thoreza St.

Reconstruction of the hotel

Russia, Kaluga, Gagarina St.

Trade center

Russia, Tula region, Alexin, Pionerskaya St.

Complex of office buildings

Russia, Kaluga, Saltykov-Shchedrin St.

Theater Antona Chekhova

Russia, Moscow, Novy Arbat St., 21, building 2

Trade center

Russia, Aleksin, Tulskaya St.
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Company "StroyProektKonsalting" performs the design of public facilities, objects of engineering infrastructure, provides advice and works on the inspection of the technical condition of foundations, bearing and enclosing structures of any buildings and structures.

Eleven years of active work in the market have replenished the company's assets with dozens of facilities that are operated throughout Russia.

Our company maintains facilities, from design works to author's supervision in the process of construction.

The high-class approach to business and the high level of responsibility allows us to create a product that is rightfully proud of customers, executors and end-users.

Other objects of the section "Public Buildings"

1. 1. A multifunctional shopping and entertainment complex with a parking lot over the existing underground garage (Moscow, Severnoye Butovo, Starobittsevskaya Str.22-a)

2. Multifunctional shopping center (Volgograd, Dzerzhinsky area, str. Historicheskaya)

3. Reconstruction of the administrative building of Khimki inter-district trust of gas facilities (Moscow Region, Khimki, Gogolya St., 11)

4. Reconstruction of the building of a former kindergarten for a medical center (Moscow, str. B. Ochakovskaya, 31)

5. Construction of an administrative building in the area of an apartment house No. 79, building 1 (Tula, Oktyabrskaya Street)

6. Expansion of the office building of the workshops (extension) for OJSC "Tulagorvodokanal" (Tula, str. Demidovskaya plotina, 8)

7. Shopping center "PARADISE" (Tula, Lenin Avenue, 17)

8. Multifunctional trade and business complex (Tula Region, Leninsky district, Ilyinskoye JV, Malevka village, Shosseynaya str., 5)

9. Multifunctional shopping and entertainment complex (MTRK) (Lipetsk, Yeletskoye shosse)

10. A public-commercial complex with maintenance facilities (Tula, Kosaya Gora)

11. Store-shop "Legkiy Shag" (Tula)

12. Multi-storey parking garage (Moscow, str. Grafsky pereulok)

13. Shopping center (Tula region, Venev)

14. Shopping center with workshops for the manufacture of soft toys (Tula, Kirov str.)

15. Commercial and office building (Tula, Krasnoarmeysky Avenue)

16. Hotel and business complex on the territory of Sherrizon near the airport Sheremetyevo

17. Autoclub (Moscow, Krutitskiy Val str.)

18. Demonstration center - 2 line (Orel)