Optimization of design solutions

LLC «StroyProektKonsalting» is engaged in the optimization of existing projects at the request of the customer, in addition to performing architectural and construction design for new and reconstructed facilities.

Often, savings on design leads to the fact that the customer receives solutions with a large overrun of materials for all stages of construction. This is a consequence of the application in the design of standardized and standard solutions, the inability to work out the variability of solutions and their optimization.

But our experience shows that saving on the project does not give that economic benefit, like reducing construction costs in a well-designed project.

We conduct a free preliminary analysis and, based on the results, together with the customer, we make a decision on the need to process the project. As a result of optimization, savings can reach 10 to 30% of the cost of construction, which is a very significant amount that can be invested in improving the quality of construction or in the development of new facilities.
The result of optimization is obtaining optimal material costs while preserving all the strength, deformative characteristics of the building, applying topical and economical engineering systems.