Information about the object

Planning project for the construction of the village. Khopilovo, Leninsky district, Tula region

Characteristics of the density and parameters of the planned development of the territory

Total area of the land plot, hectares: 11,78

The number of plots of individual residential development, pcs: 73

Total area of individual residential buildings, hectares: 7,75

Number of plots of the blocked building, pcs: 10

Total area of the blocks of the blocked building, m2: 6 783

Area of common use territory of the service enterprise (road, sidewalks, gardening), hectares: 3,36

Width of streets, m2: 10,5; 15,0

Squares, m2: road surfaces = 12 800 m2; sidewalks = 2 050 m2; landscaping = 18 704 m2